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What do all of these have in common? Join us for a fun and engaging conversation about the intricacies of leadership learning and education. Wax on, wax off.
Dr. Bob Reimer is an Associate Professor of Psychology at the United States Air Force Academy where he helps students, faculty, and staff discover performance possibilities that they are missing. Bob holds a Ph.D. in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from Penn State with a focus on enhancing workplace performance to include leadership and talent management. Bob is certified to administer and interpret assessments to help individuals and organizations succeed. Bob has applied experience advancing the performance of global companies, government organizations, professional associations, and educational institutions.
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  • "I think one of the great challenges that I see today...we've seen a great proliferation of leadership, ideas, plans, programs, products, you name it...but as a discipline...we don't really have objective standards."
  • "I think one (challenge) is we're wrestling with this idea of what 'evidence-based' looks like."
  • "Our identities always exist in a system."
  • "When a student comes to understand leadership, as a solution to the problem of bringing people together to do things collectively, then that changes their perspective on what leadership is...I don't have to be the team leader, to have a role in influencing how my teammates come together, and we work interdependently to get work done."
  • "My students remind me on a daily basis that they don't necessarily want to study leadership as a topic. But every single one of them is actively engaged on a daily basis with practicing leadership. My job as an educator and as a director, when I work with faculty who are teaching these courses, is creating environments where we can really tie together the knowledge with the skills and the abilities that really matter to the student."

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