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About Dr. David Day
Dr. David Day is a Professor of Psychology at Claremont McKenna College and Director of the Kravis Leadership Institute. Day is a prolific scholar, a great conversationalist, and has served on the faculty at Pennsylvania State University, Singapore Management University, and the University of Western Australia. His goal - Make a Difference.

Quotes from This Episode

  • "You want to invest in your development because everybody needs to be a leader, even when they are not the leader."
  • "How do you view yourself? What is your identity? What's your self-efficacy? What is your level of self-awareness? These are proximal outcomes of a developmental process that we can measure and will give us some idea of whether long-term change is likely to be happening."
  • "So the whole notion of a leader identity is really important because it drives resource allocation. Our identity is basically what we think is important. And we invest our most valuable resource, our time, in what we think is most important."
  • "This whole distinction that there's a leader and there's a follower is a misnomer. People are both."
  • "Leader development is really about developing an individual to be more effective in leadership roles and processes, whereas leadership development is really developing collective capacity for leadership. We don't know a lot about the latter and we know virtually nothing about how the leader development piece informs the leadership development piece."

Recent Articles by Dr. David Day

  • Kragt, D., & Day, D. V. (2020). Predicting Leadership Competency Development and Promotion Among High-Potential Executives: The Role of Leader Identity. Frontiers in Psychology, 11, 1816.
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Dr. David Day Articles/Books Mentioned in This Episode

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