Dr. Eric Guthey - Conversation with a Recovering American


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Dr. Eric Guthey is an Associate Professor in the Department of Management, Society, and Communication. He has a background in humanities and cultural history which fosters an interdisciplinary perspective on leadership, management, and cultural dynamics. His primary areas of research include leadership, organization studies, leadership development, and management. His current research explores “the ebb and flow of fashionable leadership concepts."
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  • “What you have to understand about leadership studies in Europe is that it’s sprung out of sociology.”
  • “There are many countries in Europe where there was no word for leadership before the leadership industries arrived.”
  • “All management fashions introduce themselves by saying, 'now is a time of unprecedented change.' Everything’s completely different than was before, and so we need a new idea."
  • “When you talk to these chefs, they’re amazing people who have amazing self-knowledge of what they do. And so we’re figuring out ways to develop vocabularies and literacies that we can use to both help them and figure out how they can help other industries.”

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