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Dr. Jay Conger holds the Henry R. Kravis Chaired Professor of Leadership Studies at Claremont McKenna College. As an executive educator, coach, and program designer, he has worked with over five hundred organizations in his twenty-five year career. An outstanding teacher, Financial Times and other business periodicals ranked him as one of the world’s top management educators. He works with individuals and organizations to create unique learning environments that accelerate and celebrate the potential of leaders.
Quotes From This Episode

  • “Situation setting is your ability to be very observant and read your boss quickly.”
  • “There are going to be two or three high-visibility projects that the boss will be assessed on. So the subordinate (i.e., the potentially high potential) makes certain to contribute in a significant way to those two or three outcomes.”
  • “Bosses have a couple of stylistic imperatives which they may not articulate to you.”
  • “So in the first 30 to 90 days, your new boss has already assessed you - 'are you meeting my style?'"

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