Dr. Julie Owen - We Are the Leaders We've Been Waiting For


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Julie Owen, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor of Leadership Studies at the School of Integrative Studies, George Mason University, where she coordinates the leadership studies major and minor and is affiliate faculty with the Higher Education Program and Women and Gender Studies. Owen authored more than 30 publications, including serving as co-editor of the Handbook for Student Leadership Development, and editor of Innovative Learning for Leadership Development (New Directions for Student Leadership Series No.1).
Quotes from This Episode

  • "Instead of telling girls, they're being bossy, what if we reframe that as the nexus of leadership?"
  • "How do we help girls and women align their confidence and their capacity?"
  • "So this is messed up. We have to stop doing that. We have to stop having these comparative kinds of binary approaches to leadership because it makes for a precarious pedestal."
  • "Stop talking about feminine ways of leading and start looking at feminist leadership where you actually own your story, and how you acknowledge power in leadership."

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