Dr. Linda Moore - I Think We're Experiencing That Increase in Numbers


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Dr. Linda L. Moore is a licensed psychologist practicing in Kansas City, Missouri. She is President of Linda L. Moore and Associates, which offers individual and group therapy, executive coaching, management consulting, and presentations for organizations and associations around the country. Dr. Moore writes and publishes on women and power, leadership, and stress management.
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  • "Many years ago, Dr. Rosabeth Kanter wrote a book called Men and Women of the Corporation...The most profound takeaway from that book is nothing will change until there are greater numbers of women in corporations and that we will continue to be discriminated against and not taken seriously until numbers increase. I think we're experiencing that increase in numbers."
  • "My basic message to women leaders, whether they're looking at college presidencies, or whether they are wanting to run an organization is, 'please if there's one thing I want you to do it is to stop being nice.'"
  • "So my common comment is, there is no such thing as balance, quit trying to achieve it. It will never happen and instead, work toward the concept of an integrated life."

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