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Dr. Marcy Levy Shankman is the Leadership Coach & Strategist, Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD). This innovative role for the Cleveland Metropolitan School District offers her the unique opportunity to provide one-on-one coaching for the District's executive leaders, work collectively on team effectiveness, and offer leadership development support for the senior leadership team. For almost 20 years, Marcy has owned her own consulting business and she previously served as Director, Leadership Cleveland and Strategic Initiatives for the Cleveland Leadership Center.

Quotes From This Episode

  • “What is the smallest possible step that you can take towards a new behavior that is so small that you can’t fail?”
  • "So this word experiment comes into my vocabulary and into my consciousness, easily on a weekly basis. I am constantly running experiments."
  • "We have to celebrate the little big wins. And there are big little wins. And learning to differentiate between the two is really important."
  • "I’ve become even more skeptical of coaches who are not embedded. And this is not a slight against anyone’s ability, it is entirely based on what I believe to be the inherent challenges of trying to help people improve their performance, without you having the native view"
  • "Another theme that rises to the top of my mind is there is actually nothing harder than behavior change."
  • "So I have this unique blend of being that embedded internal coach, and working with two layers of leadership at the district."

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