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Dr. Stratton is the Dean of the J. Whitney Bunting College of Business at Georgia College & State University and also serves as the president of the Management and Organizational Behavior Teaching Society (MOBTS). He's an accomplished academic leader and teacher-scholar with experience in private and public higher education. Micheal's expertise lies in the theoretical and practical application of organizational leadership, including workplace culture, power and politics, group dynamics, shared governance, and stakeholder relations.
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  • "Being a first-generation college student and growing up in a working-class family in the mountains of Maine...going to college itself was a stretch."
  • "Management and study of the organization is a liberal art...you know the complexity of human existence and organizations are social phenomena."
  • "At Georgia College, I think the opportunities are endless. Not just collaborating within the university, but collaborating within the system...potential like three plus three programs - a Bachelors of Science in Business and a JD program at another university?"
  • "Higher education cannot survive in its silo...as a unit, as an institution, or in its ecosystem. Ecosystems are going to have to come together and merge. I'm not afraid of it. There's no discipline that I know of that has a monopoly on the complexities of human existence."
  • Regarding MOBTS - "As a 47-48-year-old organization, we need to recruit the next generation of management educators, and we need to retain them, and show them how important our organization is."

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