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Professor Mike Hardy is founding Director of the Centre for Trust, Peace, and Social Relations at Coventry University. He also serves as the board chair of the International Leadership Association. Following overseas postings in the Arab world and Asia, Mike's work focused on working with difference and with inter- and intra-community relations. His particular interest was with disconnected and underemployed young people. Mike has been twice awarded the Order of the British Empire for his peace-building work in the Middle East, and appointed a Companion of Honour of St Michael and St George (CMG) in the Queen's Birthday Honours June 2010 for his work internationally in Intercultural Dialogue.
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Quotes From This Episode

  • "What sort of world do we want to emerge into?"
  • "So in order to answer the question - what sort of world do you want? - you have to be clear about the nature of the world we've got. How many of your politicians talk about how quickly they want to return to normal? 'Wouldn't it be nice if we got back to normal?' I don't, because the normal I experienced in 2019 was not a good place. So we hope we could define a future which was slightly different, slightly recast recalibrated for the needs of ordinary people."
  • "I'm now in a community that cares about change for the better. And that's a good community to be in."
  • (On the ILA Staff) - "We have a tiny staff for the amount of noise they make. And I just always want to take the opportunity to celebrate the fact that we have them. And it's their work that is going to lead to the amazing conference next month."

Articles/Books by Dr. Hardy

  • Hardy, M. (forthcoming 2021) Leadership, dialogue and disconnections. Cambridge University Press.
  • Hardy, M., and Hussain. S., (2019) Dialogue in a Rapidly Changing World: Practitioner Assessments of the Potency of Intercultural Dialogue for Improving Social Cohesion, Journal of Dialogue Studies (7), 9-26.
  • Hardy, M., and McIlhatton, D. (2019). Decision-Theoretic Behavioural Analytics: Risk Management and Terrorist Intensity Behavioural Sciences of Terrorism and Political Aggression (RIRT).
  • Hardy, M. (2017). Muslim Identity in a Turbulent Age: Islamic Fundamentalism and Western Islamaphobia. Jessica Kingsley. (Independent Authors’ Bronze Award for Social Sciences)

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