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Dr. Ralph Gigliotti is Director of Leadership Development and Research at the Center for Organizational Leadership at Rutgers. He serves as a lecturer in the Department of Communication and Ph.D. program in Higher Ed at Rutgers. His research and consulting explore the intersection of organizational communication, leadership, and crisis communication. He's also a National Examiner for the Malcolm Baldrige Performance Excellence Program and serves on the Board for the Network for Change & Continuous Innovation in Higher Education.
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  • "With an eye towards innovation, and an eye towards learning, and an eye towards transformation, we can all learn together through this, we can heal together through this, and we can come out of this stronger than we may have been and more unified than we may have been going into this."
  • "And when we look at leadership through a broader lens, and it's not just the messages, but it's the strategies and its structures, and it's the processes that make social influence possible."
  • "So part of what makes the work of leadership and higher education so tricky is trying to deal with the competing interests and the competing priorities, and to really disentangle the crisis from the non-crisis."

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