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Episode six features a relevant and timely conversation with Dr. Susan Komives, Professor Emerita at the University of Maryland. We had a wonderful discussion about a wide range of topics within the domain of leadership education. For those interested in developing their knowledge, skills, and abilities, Susan explores several insights. For those tasked with developing leaders, Susan shares her wisdom and reminds us that our ultimate goal is to prepare men and women to create community any place they may go...
Quotes from This Episode

  • On approaching individual student leader development: "First, I would want to get to know them better build a relationship. But then I would also want to better understand where they are in their own conception of what leadership is."
  • "Anybody in a leader role and anybody in a leadership context should look at making it an inclusive environment."
  • "So if I were to emphasize anything it would be to teach people how to create communities around them any place they may go, and in the community, people care about you."
  • On what she wants for students leaving a leadership program: "I would want them to come out saying I'm a person of character... I see myself as ethical, honest, and trustworthy."

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