Dr. Susan Murphy - Developing Leaders Across the Lifespan


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Dr. Susan Murphy is Chair of Leadership Development in the Business School at the University of Edinburgh. She was formerly Director of the School of Strategic Leadership Studies at James Madison University and Professor of Leadership Studies. She has published in Leadership Quarterly, Organizational Behaviour and Human Decision Making, Journal of Vocational Behaviour, Journal of Business and Psychology, and the Journal of Applied Psychology. We explore leadership development across the lifespan - a concept with so many possibilities for practitioners and scholars alike.
Quotes from This Episode

  • "but at adolescence, if we could get more people thinking more broadly about leadership, broadly defined, I think it would be very, very useful."
  • "...but the kids who are more outgoing, who might have early verbal skills would be the ones you might see taking the leadership roles."
  • "...and one of the things we noticed in this data set of about 1000 people was, young people have very stereotyped views of what leaders do."

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