Ed O'Malley - Leadership: It's Risky and Rare


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Ed O'Malley is the President & CEO of the Kansas Leadership Center (KLC). KLC is a non-profit organization committed to fostering leadership for stronger, healthier, and more prosperous Kansas communities. We discuss how KLC is exploring the activity of leadership and its unique and innovative approach to education. My favorite quote from our chat - "Leadership is about intervening skillfully so that others become mobilized to take up the cause." Yes!
Quotes from This Episode

  • "We're saying that leadership and authority are two totally different things. Sometimes people in authority, exercise leadership, sometimes they don't."
  • "But we also believe that leadership is incredibly risky. And therefore we think it's incredibly rare. So we think leadership is an activity. It's a risky one. And therefore it doesn't happen very often."
  • "It's mobilizing others to make progress on their most daunting challenges."
  • "So that's what we're about at KLC. We work with thousands of people a year, building their capacity to solve problems and to seize opportunities."

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