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Ken Accardi is the CEO of Ankota. He's a technology executive with a broad experience base. Ken has served as CEO, CTO, CIO, VP of Business Solutions, Director of R&D, and VP of Process/Quality. He teaches at Babson College and has several specialties, including healthcare (specifically avoiding preventable hospitalizations for elderly at-risk populations), new product introduction, software engineering management, value innovation, product management, lean Six Sigma, quality management, strategic planning and execution, software pre-sales, professional services, technology training, and acquisition integration.

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  • "Because when you do try to plan, let's say, six months of work all on day one, it's really impossible to know all the things that you need. And you've likely thought of things that you could live without. And so having this agile methodology lets you solve all those problems."
  • (regarding Agile) - "There are a lot of points for celebration. Every two weeks, you have something new out and something to be proud of as a team."
  • (regarding Agile) - "There are people who are going to write code, there are people who are going to make sure that the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) or to the customer's expectation, there are people who are going to test the code, and you want them all working together, sort of like a jazz group - they all seem to be jiving together. And everybody's contributing and doing their part. And in the end, you get something really beautiful out of it."
  • "My definition of culture is what people do when nobody's telling them what to do."

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