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Larry Cassesa is the Director of Sales, Marketing, and Product for Abicor Binzel USA and Canada. He started his career and sales and moved into a leadership position after the 2008 financial crisis. He's led a global team through the implementation of the Salesforce CRM and many cross-functional projects. We explore Larry's experience on the front lines of leadership.
Quotes from This Episode

  • "My job is to clear obstacles."
  • "True empathy is exhausting... it takes a lot of energy."
  • "My job is to protect all those other people in the culture. So you have to make those tough decisions, you have to have those tough conversations."
  • "Your job is not necessary to have all the solutions or answers...but to work with them to find those solutions."
  • "I'd much prefer to be a facilitator than a top-down sort of leader. I think it's more productive that way."

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