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Mike Walker is an entrepreneur, futurist, speaker, and author with more than 25 years of experience in emerging technologies, innovation management, and business strategy. At Microsoft, he leads the cross-industry digital ecosystems, innovation team. Previously, he worked at Gartner, as a Vice President of Technology Innovation research where his thought leadership was reflected in more than 150 published research notes and 5,000 client engagements.
Mike is the host of the innovation podcast V-Next, has published articles in Forbes, and been interviewed in publications like Wired, CNN, FOX Business, Nekkei Systems Magazine, and The Wall Street Journal.
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  • “Just as a growth mindset is foundational to organizational success, the Golden Trifecta is foundational to the next world of digital platforms…there are these three technologies that have very synergistic qualities.”
  • "A platform business model is essentially where I'm breaking down the two-sided relationship of a buyer/seller...essentially what things are shifting towards is an assetless model."
  • "And now these digital ecosystems...we now have to think about a world where everything's connected."
  • "Tech intensity is a philosophy that we've (Microsoft) implemented across the company, where you could be a finance person, you can be an HR person, you could be a salesperson...but what we strongly encourage is a level of technology literacy across all these roles."

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