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Sara Safari is on a mission. She is an author, speaker, climber, educator, and Ph.D. candidate; and an inspiring woman actively making a difference in the world. Her goal is to climb The Seven Summits and has dedicated her life to empowering women around the world.

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  • "I announced that I'm going to go back to my training for Everest again, but this time, I'm going to raise $1 per foot of any mountain I climb to provide education for these girls."
  • "I was just tired. I was sick. I was coughing. I just wanted to go back home. And I would think of the moment when I saw two lines of girls and they were looking at me like I'm going to fix their life for them. And I would just imagine those girls, and I couldn't quit. I just had to take the next step."
  • "Everything started breaking down. Pieces of ice were falling down the mountain and the noise it made was like a rocket taking off."
  • "The girls are so confident. They're just amazing. I'm in awe of their confidence and the way they are. So I go to them for motivation now, even if it might seem like I'm inspiring them, they're inspiring me all the time."

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Quotes Mentioned in this Episode
"The hardest person you will ever lead is yourself" - Bill George

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