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Ted Baartmans consults leaders, government officials, and international boards in their presence and communication. He studied geography and cultural anthropology at the University of Utrecht and public administration and government communication at the University of Leiden. He also studied crisis communication at Northwestern University. Ted’s clients are found around the world: Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe as well as North and South America. They include leaders, general staff, and boards for companies, government, and NGOs. He also works with several associations and societies in fields such as education, research, environment, government, healthcare, politics, and logistics.
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Quotes From This Episode

  • "If I take these three steps: understanding, acceptance, and respect, then it's easy to connect to any leader in any position."
  • "It’s all about being valued and respected."
  • "The only issue in my work is building trust... how to build trust, and to make it sustainable."
  • "My approach to culture is also looking for commonalities...with this belief, you always will find commonalities instead of differences. And then you have an entrance to drink a cup of tea in a tent and to start a negotiation."
  • "I learned over all these years, everything is always connected to something else or has angles that were not seen before."
  • "People like to be appreciated. All people."

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