Keir Wenhamm-Flatt on Reverse Engineering, Pre-Season Testing and the Optimal Block


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To the strength and conditioning coach, speaker, and consultant, Keir Wenham-Flatt, asking the right questions is as crucial as getting the right answers.

Keir is the founder of Strength Coach Network, a platform that helps strength and conditioning professionals climb the coaching career ladder. He has presented at major sporting organizations, including the NFL, NBA, MLB, English Rugby Premiership, and the Argentina Soccer Primera.

Keir, who has worked at the elite level of multiple sports worldwide, believes that coaches need to keep asking themselves the right questions on everything they do—from reverse engineering sports to pre-season testing.

Keir joins me today to discuss what he learned from professional to collegiate sport and why the collegiate strength and conditioning game is tough. He outlines the concepts of reverse engineering performance and testing to ensure we’re getting the most out of our training buck.

He examines what agility is and describes the distinguishing characteristics of change of direction, drills, and perception. Keir also underscores the power of asking the right questions about testing and training and shares his advice on how strength and conditioning coaches can find success in their careers.

The body will only move at the speed the brain is able to process and make decisions. – Keir Wenham-Flatt

This week on the Physical Preparation Podcast:

  • Keir’s background and his time as a collegiate strength and conditioning coach
  • Why Keir values reverse engineering the demands of sports
  • Improving pre-season testing in physical preparation
  • Questions strength and conditioning coaches need to ask themselves about testing
  • How to improve agility and speed training
  • General reactive tasks and the difference between pre-planned movements and agility
  • How awareness and presence of mind can overpower physical qualities
  • Sandpits and their massive impact on an athlete’s ability
  • Applying business strategies to sports and the lessons Keir learned from running his own business
  • Keir’s advice for former football players who want to try their hands at rugby

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