The Ideal Lover Of Flowers - #2665 By Chair House 04012021


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#2665: Apr. 1, 2021: THe ideal lover of flowers (from The Book of Tea by Tenshin Okakura) Today's pure primal piano music here. Happy if this music makes you feel peaceful.. : )  Looking for absolute natural beauty every day for Piano Ten Thousand Leaves. Target number is 4536 and 2664(58.6%) achieved. Find my project.. : ) This piece's 1/f fluctuation parameter = 0.933, Super excellent 1/f fluctuation feature today.. I found this super fact.. : ) #Today's Youtube Video with Piano Score #Youtube Playlist of Today's Piano Score Video #Full video of 18th selection album with piano score #Free & Full Piano Score PDF Download of 18th Selection Album #New Selection Album 18th is now available in every streaming services all over the world. Happy if you enjoy it.. : ) spotify: apple music: amazon music: all service URL link: chair house site: If the value of λ is in the range of about 0.9 to 1.1, it can be said that the song has 1 / f fluctuation. The larger the value of λ (generally, it rarely exceeds 2), the smaller the degree of fluctuation and the higher the regularity. The closer the value of λ is to 0, the greater the degree of fluctuation and the higher the randomness. (by Art Studio Mahoroba)

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