Episode 15 | Social Media: Advocacy's New Kid on the Block


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Yeah you read right! Social media is the new kid on the block of advocacy. There is no contention about the social ills associated with increased (social) media use. Yet, today’s episode highlights one of its many goods which is as a tool for advocacy, support, and awareness. We do not have to wait for “breaking news” stories before being an advocate, rather, we should start from those around us. Olaoluwa encourages listeners to be an ally both on and offline and be gracious to those who might not be taking action in the same way we are or would.

Ally - to support another or others to promote a cause

Micro-aggression - intentional or unintentional assumptions, behavior or interaction with marginalized groups

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This week:

Song: Man of Sorrow by Hillsong

Quote: Advocacy is everyone’s business

p.s: Olaoluwa does not speak on behalf of every one who identifies with one or more of her identities. New episodes will be out weekly or biweekly on Saturdays with song recommendations and quotes.

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