OTW 39 - Hitters Gunna Hit w/ Jorge Montanez


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On The Wire - Adam Howe (@EightyGrade) and Kevin Hasting (@HastingKevin) are joined by Jorge Montanez (@Roto_Nino), contributor with NBC SportsEdge and Fantrax as well as the cohost of the Bases Loaded Fantasy Baseball Podcast (@BasesLoadedPod) to discuss the the hitter free agent market and what possible moves that should be considered when drafting your line up onto your fantasy team, especially in early drafts.

  • Welcome Jorge (3:44)

  • Important dates / CBA influence on signings (6:54)
  • Holes left behind (9:27)
  • Adjusting ranks based on assumptions? (13:58)
  • Catchers (18:33)
  • First base (26:03)
  • Second base (30:11)
  • Shortstop (37:52)
  • Third base (49:31)
  • Infielders (55:15)
  • Corner outfield (1:08:42)
  • Centerfield (1:20:44)
  • Interesting outfield situations (1:25:16)
  • Designated Hitter (1:29:59)
  • Early draft advice and observations (1:35:46)

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