SH 12 - Max Greenfield, Bobbleheads, & Houdini Acts


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This week, Brandon and Noah are joined by Going Deep writer Max Greenfield! We talk with Max about his experiences first playing baseball, and then working as an intern for the Washington Nationals. We also unearth the surprisingly long history of baseball's odd fascination with bobbleheads, and learn about "Houdini Acts!"


03:08 Touching Base with Max Greenfield

09:36 Max's experiences with the Washington Nationals

18:37 The History of Bobbleheads

19:10 Max exposes himself as a Sacramento Kings fan

20:07 We talk about Brandon Webb. Again!

22:02 Bobbleheads in the 18th century

25:17 The First Wave

29:33 Jeffrey Loria: Bobblehead Grinch

30:17 Weird Bobblehead Designs

32:24 The Pickle Jar - "Houdini Act"

37:24 Rent/Extend/Cut game - Tony Gwynn, Miguel Cabrera, & Manny Ramírez

49:55 Wrap-Up

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