Generating More Sales Through Funnel Optimization Strategies With Dmitriy Pisarev of Business JetPack


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Dmitriy Pisarev is a serial entrepreneur, an expert in funnel design and conversion, and the Founder of Business JetPack. A B2B company, Business JetPack is a firm that offers marketing strategy and detailed analysis to create high-performing funnels. He also founded Conversion Whisperer in 2018, where he also optimized marketing strategies for industries including SaaS, legal marketing, and e-commerce.

Dmitriy has developed his knowledge over 20 years, having worked with businesses of all sizes. In addition to his own companies, he also served as the Senior Marketing Director at THMotorsports and a Business Growth Expert at ConversionCore.

In this episode…

Conversion optimization is the golden metric behind all good marketing. Why? Because it ensures ROI and increases interaction with your brand. There are a thousand different models, gurus, and books written on the topic, each promising the results you want. Many of these approaches are focused on the bottom line but are typically missing the greater picture.

For Dmitriy Pisarev and his team at Business JetPack, building the brand is just as important as the ROI. It’s a more patient and ultimately more rewarding method for marketing, making sure each dollar is working towards a greater goal. While not revolutionary, it is an effective and proven process to improve conversion rates. So what does it all look like in action?

In this episode of the Pitcher This! Podcast, Darren Fox sits down with Dmitriy Pisarev, the Founder of Business JetPack, to talk about conversion optimization and how to create high-performing funnels. They go through what your conversion rate actually means and why you need to focus on trust and branding as well as sales. They also go through the importance of landing pages, slowing down your campaign, and staying up to date in the marketing world. Stay tuned!

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