Launching and Promoting a New Irish Gin With Jason Kidd and Katie Dunn of Outcast Brands


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Jason Kidd is the Founder of Outcast Brands, a collective dedicated to invigorating brands and breathing new life into the craft spirits industry. He also works as a Marketing and Beverage Consultant for Trajectory Consulting, working with brands such as Bacardi and Bombay Sapphire. Jason is a beverage and business expert with experience from his many brand management positions, including Heinekin’s Ireland division.

Katie Dunn is an Investor and sits on the Board of Directors for Outcast Brands. She is also the Executive Director of Institutional Real Estate for CIBC, which has helped close more than $3 billion in commercial real estate loans. Her impressive career has had her crossing paths with established names such as Merrill Lynch and PwC. Her experience extends to finance, risk management, and market analysis.

In this episode…

As so many breweries and distilleries look towards the future, many are scrambling to innovate the beverage industry. Technology is advancing every year, refining and expanding the variety of drinks out there. However, some businesses look to the past for their inspiration, bringing back flavors and styles that have long been forgotten.

Blood Monkey Gin is a new gin that’s just launched in the UK and is soon to be released in the United States. It attempts to recapture the original taste of gin, both from a recipe and a geographical perspective. Along the way, they’ve had to overcome some challenges and reconsider the way they brand their product. So what exactly is the company doing to differentiate themselves?

Darren Fox invites Jason Kidd, the Founder of Outcast Brands, and Katie Dunn, a Member of the Outcast Brands Board of Directors. Together, they discuss Blood Monkey Gin and the steps they’ve taken to promote it. They talk through its conception and the ideas behind its branding. They then go into more depth on their backgrounds, the importance of asking for help, and the success they’ve found so far. Hear all of this and more on this episode of the Pitcher This! Podcast.

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