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Celebrate the end of inauguration week with this compilation of fun soundbites from past guests who are now serving in the Biden Administration!


Jared Bernstein, from ‘What can a board game teach us about capitalism?

Chris Lu, from ‘Whatever happened to overtime?’

Felicia Wong, from ‘Why is getting out of poverty so hard?’

Lisa D. Cook, from ‘Economic Woman’:

Mehrsa Baradaran, from ‘The hidden costs of banking while poor’:

Ron Klain, from ‘Leadership failure made the U.S. pandemic worse’:

Heather Boushey, from ‘Inequality and coronavirus’ and ‘Whatever happened to the middle class?

Joelle Gamble, from ‘How Econ 101 upholds racist systems’:

Bharat Ramamurti, from ‘The case for a True New Deal’:

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