Pixels & Ink: Episode #314 - Let's Talk Xbox


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This week on Pixels and Ink we debut a brand new segment called Connections! Taking place in the second half of the episode, Alex sits down with members of CGM and people from the gaming/movie/comics sphere to talk about the media that they have the strongest connection to. For this inaugural recording, writer/performer/all-around top-tier human Cole Watson comes by to talk about Halo 3, how it helped him connect with his dad, his brief flirtation with professional play and much much more!

And in segment #1 Jordan, Liam, Brendan and Alex analyze Microsoft's Game's Showcase Presentation. Does Halo Infinite look good? Are there enough exciting announcements for Microsoft to go toe to toe with the PlayStation 5? And where does Game Pass Ultimate fit into all of this? For answers to all these questions and many more, check out this week's episode of Pixel's and Ink!

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