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Welcome back to Planet Storytime!
We appreciate your patience with the delay to publish this week's podcast. As Pax elluded to on our landing page, we had some major technical challenges with our studio that delayed us by 3 weeks and for that we are very sorry! We are back and happy to provide another TM Ganim story and a great story to help kick off the summer with The Victors Go To The Pool!
Whether we look different, talk different or stand apart in any way from those around us, it's important to embrace who we are - bask in it, and celebrate ourselves as the one-of-a-kind, unique human beings we all are. We all eventually learn that we cannot always please everyone, and recognizing that helps us understand that worrying about such things limits our ability to be the happiest version of ourselves we can be.
This is another great TM story that teaches us to stand up for ourselves and to ignore the doubters!
We hope your enjoy this week's podcast!
Tom and Pax

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