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Hey, it's publication week! My new book, You CAN Change Other People, drops on Wednesday.
And to celebrate, my co-author, Peter Bregman, and I interviewed each other for our respective podcasts and YouTube channels.
After an intense couple of weeks of media training, media interviews, and podcasts (see a short list of the ones that have already published in the Links section below), we ended up having a fun, zero-pressure, totally casual conversation about the book, the Four Steps (our methodology to help others change), and our careers that led us to this point.
I don't know if it's compelling marketing for the book or not, but the conversation definitely reveals who we are and what we care about.
We discussed Peter's background, and how he came to realize the need for a coaching methodology that didn't yet exist.
And we talked at length about each of the Four Steps, including specific examples of what they look like when done right.
The title of the book rubs some people the wrong way. They think it's arrogant, manipulative, and untrue.
We don't disagree that trying to change people the wrong way is all those things. That said, we stand by the title, and we talk about why in the conversation.
If you'd like to improve at having a positive influence on the people you care about (which is the same, actually, as changing them for the better), I hope this conversation will get you started.
If you really want to get good at it, may I humbly recommend picking up a copy (hard, digital, or audio) of You CAN Change Other People.

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