Episode 25: IPMS USA Candidates and Scott Pasishnek AKA Small Soldier


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IPMS USA Candidates Round Table and Scott Pasishnek (Small Soldier - Adventures in Miniature) - sponsored by Tankraft and Sean's Custom Model Tools!!
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For our 25th episode, we have a roundtable discussion with Len Pilhofer, Rob Booth, and our very own John Bonnani as we discuss each of their respective candidacies for IPMS USA National posts.
We announce the lucky winner of our Tankraft Cutting Mat giveaway, and John leads us in a discussion about Magnum Opus builds. We also discuss the Moosearoo Cup III challenge, which pits the PPP against several other Podcasts in a model build off!
Our Modelers Minute segment features Scott Pasishnek, AKA Small Soldier.
We also feature our regular segments, talk about some of our favorite finishing techniques, and have other great discussions about - you guessed it - Scale Modeling!
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