Episode 29: Steve Zaloga and Andrew "Whitey" White from the Model Geeks


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Steve Zaloga and Whitey from the Model Geeks!
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We are joined today by Andrew White, AKA Whitey from the Geeks, and we welcome Ivan Jensen Taylor from the UK as the newest member of the Posse!
Scott threatened our Russian band, so our original theme song is back and it sounds better than ever!
We discuss several topics including our new 2022 Omaha IPMS NATS M3/M4 Group Build, differing approached to painting the same colors on models, why the IPMS combines Real Space with Science Fiction, and many other topics!
We push new Posse member Ivan into the pool and have him do his first interview - a Modelers Minute with Whitey!
We also announce the winner of our set of Super Sanding Blocks. Congratulations to Chris McClain!

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Support the show (https://paypal.me/scottgentry1637?locale.x=en_US)

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