Player Vs. Podcast 18: Hashtag Gamergate


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What better coming-of-age topic for our 18th episode than #Gamergate? Probably a lot, actually, but we feel obligated to talk about these shenanigans. For the REAL GAMERS, though, we also talk about videogames in this episode, so we gotcha covered there! In addition to the week's free game "Wings of St. Nazaire," we chat about "Mountain," the Wii U, Madden NFL Mobile, "New Super Mario Bros.," and much more!

Music: "The Anthem" by Onra, "Can't Do Without You" by Caribou.

Don't forget to play next week's free game, "Prisoned!"

FULL DISCLOSURE: No games journalists were consulted during the recording of this episode, and no gamers were harmed during recording.

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