Player Vs. Podcast 20: Cream of the Fight


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For this MONSTROUS 20th episode of Player Vs. Podcast, we're joined by special guest and board game guru Ross, who talks Android: Netrunner and Robinson Crusoe, along with a crap-ton of other stuff.

As far as video games, our free game for the week was The Uncle Who Works For Nintendo--so give that a play before you listen! We've also got Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, Sorcery, P.T. and a bunch of comics and movies. For next week, make sure you play "Music of the Spheres," which is free for the downloadin'. Also check out the preview build of "Return of the Obra Dinn," which is also free and which we'll also be discussing next episode!

Music: "TABOO" by Seiho, and "Lovely City" by Calum Bowen.

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