Player Vs. Podcast 37: AIM and Chill


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This week Josh, Chris and Sarah use the latest triple A title, Fallout 4, as grounds for discussion about the state of Metacritic and homogenous game reviews. Also, Pornhub stats. The spooky choose-your-own-adventure antics of digital Hayden Panettiere in Until Dawn lead to thoughts on endings in decision heavy games. Why not mix in a little more Undertale and MGSV for good measure!

After the jump we talk about the excellent AOL Instant Messenger simulator, Emily Is Alone, and catch up on our latest anime and TV viewing. Join us next episode by playing the new free game of the week - "Homesickened"!

Music: "Intro" by Slime Girls, "The Future Will Come" by The Juan MacLean, "Saginaw" by Julian Cubillos

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