Microsoft May Buy WB Games, Xbox Games Showcase Date Confirmed, PlayStation Indies Launched & Game Price Increase for Next Gen?


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On this week’s PlayersToo Podcast: new rumours suggest Microsoft are interested in buying WB Games and bringing franchises like Batman and Mortal Kombat into the Xbox family, while they’ve also confirmed July 23rd as the date of their next Series X games showcase - we discuss what we might see, including whether we expect the rumoured ‘Lockhart’ console reveal. In other news, it looks like next-gen games may be sold for £65 or $70 after NBA 2K21’s recommended price is revealed, and PlayStation’s new Indies initiative launches with 9 new games.

Lewis has finished The Last of Us Part II and Mark isn’t far behind - we share more spoiler-free thoughts on the game, plus as ever there are shout-outs to stories including an Assassin’s Creed Valhalla leak and a delay to Mafia: Definitive Edition. We close the show with a discussion on whether video games are too long, prompted by former PlayStation boss Shawn Layden’s desire to see shorter games with lower production costs for the health of the industry.

Our PlayAlong game for July is Supergiant’s acclaimed indie action RPG, Bastion. Play it as we do, share your thoughts with us on social media and we’ll discuss the game on the first show in August!

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