Astley Nathan - 60 Day Digital Detox, 100 Conversations, Getting a Job in Radio


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Astley Nathan speaks for a living - entertaining 100's of thousands of people every day via Flava radio show. You can imagine this interview being about his pathway into radio as well tips and tricks for getting into radio - and partly this podcast is about that - but it's also about the stuff Astley doesn't say - the stuff on the inside. Astley recently completed a 60-day digital detox and dives deep into his regular practices that include meditation, breathing and gratitude journaling. In this podcast, we go way back in search of the spark that Astley has managed to turn into the drive he uses to navigate forward in life. This is a podcast about asking for what you want, working hard for what you deserve and just getting out there and having a good go. Enjoy the audio experience of Pease Blow My Mind. To see the video version on the TV - tune in to Oriana TV - every Sunday night to see me blow my mind with amazing guests as we attempt to have the deepest conversation in New Zealand. Let’s get into this week’s podcast with Astley Nathan - thank you all for blowing my mind!

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