Ardie Savea — Blessing Within The Storm of COVID-19


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“I’ve always seen within things that are challenging, that there is always a blessing within the storm, and we can call COVID-19 the storm.” – Ardie Savea All Blacks powerhouse Ardie Savea goes deep on the podcast and shares many mind-blowing insights from his time on and off the field. Ardie talks about his life during lockdown and the lessons that we can all learn from taking a break out of the Matrix that we call modern life. This is not a conversation with an All Black - it's a conversation with the part of what makes the black jersey so special - the people who wear it. 👉🏼FOLLOW ARDIE ONLINE 👉🏼ARDIE AUDIO PODCAST 👉🏼ARDIE VIDEO PODCAST LISTEN / SUBSCRIBE TO THE PODCAST Did you know there is an audio version of Please Blow My Mind on iTunes, Google Podcast and Spotify - perfect for your drive home from work or when you're pottering around the house. ⬇️ Apple Podcasts: Spotify: Android: * * * * * CONNECT/SUPPORT WITH WILL ✩ Instagram - ✩ Facebook - ✩ Twitter - ✩ Patreon - NEW TO ME AND MY PODCAST? Hey there, thanks so much for joining me on my podcast journey. I am really looking forward to sharing my story with you and going deep into life and finding out a bit more of the unknown, together. Traditionally my podcast is about pushing our thinking through deep conversations that reveal ways to think about life that help us push through the limitations of our mindset. With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing us to re-imagine what a new world looks like, I have adapted my podcast to offer tactical and everyday ways of thinking and being that can support us to frame our thinking to better get through the day. I imagine the conversations that I share with you via my podcast and social media will ponder the tactical daily challenge of setting up the days/weeks/months ahead of us in order suffer as little as possible and to find the beauty that awaits us on the other end of the struggle. If you are happy to continue the journey with me, please subscribe to my podcast which is available for free on all podcast platforms - just search - Please Blow My Mind and consider supporting me, if you can, on Patron for only $10 bucks per month: Thank you all for blowing and calming my mind. Cheers, Will.

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