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EVERYTHING IS F#@KED! That’s why our mental health is more important than ever. Except mental health is f#@ked too… Mental Health Change Maker, Jimi Hunt, joins us on the podcast to talk about his new book, INSIDE OUT. For too long now, we’ve accepted there are only two states of mental health: mentally well or mentally ill. In this book, Jimi Hunt introduces a new paradigm. He explains how we ALL sit somewhere on the Mental Fitness Continuum and how it’s our job to move ourselves up it. Follow Jimi and check out his book via www.jimihunt.com and be sure to hang around at the end of the podcast to hear an exclusive piece of content that I record for all my Patron supports featuring an even deeper interview with my guest. When you support my podcast via www.patreon.com/pleaseblowmymind you get exclusive early access to this content so I'd highly encourage to check it out.

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