Liam Mcelwee & Ryan O'Connor – Deep Inside The Mind Of Men


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We live in a time where we don't always give ourselves time to speak out loud, to share ideas - to earn a connection through conversation.

In a time of clickbait and short-form content driven by emotional outrage, three guys from New Zealand (one living in Canada) connect for a deep conversation about what it means to be a Man in today's modern world.

These kinds of authentic conversations give us all permission to talk about stuff, listen to stuff and learn stuff, from each other - the way nature intended it to be.

We cover ice baths, breathing techniques, fasting, the brain, the eyes and so many more epic mind-blowing topics.


👉🏼Liam McElwee is the host of Chasing Man. A Podcast dedicated to help men with growth and development through other men's stories.

👉🏼Chasing Man:

👉🏼Ryan O'Connor is the host of The Stag Roar. A podcast that explores what makes someone successful as well as what defines people as individuals! Ryan puts a New Zealand number 8 wire mentality to podcasting!

👉🏼The Stag Roar: Life Less Ordinary:

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