Alia Bojilova — Mind Your Mind: How to be better under stress


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“If your intent is to achieve a positive experience, to contribute, to feel better, to have a good day – you need to mind where your mind goes.” – Alia Bojilova Kidnapped at gunpoint in Syria, Alia Bojilova could only control one thing: herself! By using the phycological technique of minding where her mind went – Alia was able to negotiate her release. In this podcast, Phycologist, Alia Bojilova shares how to mind where your mind goes as well as the mental skills you can add to your tool kit for framing up challenging times. A few facts about Alia Bojilova: 👉🏼Expert in mental resilience 👉🏼Former SAS Phycologist 👉🏼FOLLOW ALIA ONLINE 👉🏼ALIA AUDIO PODCAST 👉🏼ALIA VIDEO PODCAST LISTEN / SUBSCRIBE TO THE PODCAST Did you know there is an audio version of Please Blow My Mind on iTunes, Google Podcast and Spotify - perfect for your drive home from work or when you're pottering around the house. ⬇️ Apple Podcasts: Spotify: Android: * * * * * CONNECT WITH WILL ✩ Instagram - ✩ Facebook - ✩ Twitter - ✩ Patreon - NEW TO ME AND MY PODCAST? Welcome to New Zealand's DEEPEST podcast PLEASE BLOW MY MIND with Will Fleming a top #10 iTunes Kiwi 🎙️Podcaster having mind blowing conversations to explore the mind, body and the unknown 🖖 Something truly unique happens when we talk about life, we connect, we share and we grow, together. Normally on my podcast, I'm about blowing our minds, pushing our thinking our to the next level but with the COVID-19 pandemic forcing us to re-imagine what a new world looks like, I have adapted my podcast to offer tactical and everyday ways of thinking and being that can support us to frame our thinking to better get through the day. The conversations that I share with you via my podcast and social media will ponder the tactical daily challenge of setting up the days/weeks/months ahead of us in order to suffer as little as possible and to find the beauty that awaits us on the other end of the struggle. Thank you for taking the time to join in the conversation. I hope you find value in my podcast and take whatever you need to fuel your understanding of what life means to you - metaphorically and physically. Thank you all for joining me and blowing my mind! Will.

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