Sandro Mota – Healing the Lack of Trust


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Sandro Mota is a human enhancement coach who specialises in restorative breath work, bodywork and re-aligning your mindset.

This episode takes a deep dive into a version of yourself you never knew existed.

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Our ancestors explored the world by taking risks to travel the path less known. Why did they do this? Because that is what you do in life - explore - push boundaries - wonder what might be - what could be just around the corner.

I’ve been thinking about my grandmother's story about leaving Rarotonga for the ‘idea’ of a better life in New Zealand and the dream of prosperity and abundance. They sacrificed much for this - it took my grandmother 10 years to get all her kids from the islands.

Sometimes I sit and wonder why I think so deeply about life - why I am fascinated about understanding where the darkness within humanity comes from - how we can get to a place where the idea of not living is even a thing. Statistics tell us that it’s a thing.

Why did my grandmother accept the risk to voyage into the unknown? Because that’s what you do - you take a leap and go after the impossible even in the face of the uncertainty. There is a lesson in this - If we are listening.

We settle for less today. At what point is an iPhone considered ‘making it’? Why do we not strive for more - because we forgot - that we are voyagers - but the next generation - of mental voyagers. Our ancestors travelled the oceans in search of more and they found it and gave it to us. A gift of time, education, dreams and mental freedom.

If we don’t use it - we will dry up on a mental island becoming stranded alone because we stopped exploring - pushing - thinking - wanting for more - mentally. My grandmother voyaged the seas so that I could voyage the mind crashing over the waves of ideas too big for me to process but nevertheless requiring me too to stand up in the face of the unknown.

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