Anyways - Deadwood Review S1 Ep10


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Anyways is a show where two veteran Deadwood fans watch an episode with a person who's never seen the show before then immediately have a discussion about it. This episode is about an opium theft leaves Swearengen trying to find a common language with his supplier, and navigating murky waters to deal with the mess. Meanwhile, Silas Adams, bagman for the magistrate from Yankton, arrives with bad news for Swearengen. Bullock regrets having raised his hand at the government meeting. An unwelcome and ailing Reverend Smith gravitates to the Gem and its new piano. Don't forget that is your location for everything PMP, including our short films, music videos and every episode of Totol Recal! Like our Facebook page to get content daily: Follow us on Twiiter: Really like what you see and want to support independent film? Subscribe to our Patreon page for exclusive content and merchandise!

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