A Space Poddity 25 : 1. Outside


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How will you be celebrating the millennium? December 31st, 1999. Will you be screaming in fear, dancing your anxiety away, or preparing a blood tribute for a dark and ancient God? In 1995 David Bowie foretold this future, with the help of Brian Eno, Mike Garson and others. Have no fear, your Bowie Boys (Steve, Marc, Eric) listened to this strange, shimmering spectacle of Tomorrow, dissected it song by song, and are presenting it to the ritual stone. Who killed Baby Grace Bellew? Maybe you'll get your answers here. Maybe you'll only get so many more, horrible questions. One thing is for certain, we collectively butcher the correct pronunciation of a certain guitar player who most likely was a big fan of too many zippers on a pair of pants.

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  1. The Hearts Filthy Lesson
  2. Hallo Spaceboy
  3. The Leon Suites
  4. Strangers When We Meet

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