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Are your eyes feeling heavy? Are your pjs nice and warm? Do you have a half-sipped mug of Sleepytime Tea? Are you sliding in and out of consciousness? You might be listening to David Bowie’s 1999 sleeper “hours…” …or you might have just had a NOMAD soul jump to and from your body. Mr. Bowie and loyal axeman Reeves Gabrels followed up their genre stretching , and rather well regarded, mid-90s work with music and performances in the adventure game: OMIKRON: The Nomad Soul, as well as on an album honoring the sleepiness of getting old.

BUT NEVER FEAR: Steven, Marc and Eric are three nomad souls jumping into the sleepy bodies of “hours” listeners and giving them a shot of adrenaline as we hilariously dissect this album, analyze each track and consider how it fits into his 90s work as well as sets up his next millennium of output.

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