Episode 56: Walter Davis with Mat Issa


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Jim is joined by the Chief Content Officer of Rise Network and the creator of "The Quest for the Best" podcast miniseries, Mat Issa, to break down down the hall of fame candidacy of former Phoenix Suns shooting guard Walter Davis. First, Jim and Mat discuss the unique NBA scoring record Davis still holds (5:11). Next, they discuss the under-the-radar playoff success Davis had on the Phoenix Suns, how he compares to George "the Iceman" Gervin and Mitch Richmond, and how he grades on a new statistic Mat has created (10:52). Finally, Mat and Jim tackle how cocaine may be the main reason why people don't talk about Davis more today (40:02), before both stating whether or not they believe Davis belongs in the Basketball Hall of Fame (53:21). After making a final verdict, Mat briefly talks about his new 6-part podcast miniseries "The Quest for the Best", which debuted on September 14th (1:05:27).

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