167: Godzilla 2000 w/ Anupam Nigam


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With Godzilla tearing up the box office (and our small screens) for the first time in three years, we thought it was the perfect time to cover Godzilla 2000, Toho's response to the critically panned american outing, with screenwriter, and all around Godzilla expert, Anupam Nigam.

As the second reboot, and 23rd overall production by Toho, Godzilla 2000 sought to revitalize the franchise, and bring it back from the critical pit Roland Emmerich left it in. We talk about the subpar english dub, the state of kaiju flicks in the 90s, and the evolution of Godzilla's design. We also take some time to discuss the recently released Godzilla vs. Kong, and how both monsters have been treated over the years. Do these films fare better as mindless slog fests, or as thoughtful, slow moving cultural reflections? Listen in as we try to sort out our thoughts on this larger than life franchise!

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