Choosing The Difficult Path To Making Podcasting Easier [S3E110]


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It's too easy to gloss over the difficult parts of podcasting that, when done right, help make a show truly outstanding and remarkable.

If you think about the process you go through when making an episode of your podcast, you’ll find some of them are less easy than others, possibly even difficult for you. Being a podcaster requires a variety of skills. It’s the rare superhuman (whom I’ve never met) who’s skilled in all aspects required to make a great podcast. Everyone struggles to complete at least one aspect of the podcasting process. Probably a lot more than one.

Perhaps there’s an area where your skills are lacking and you need more training. Or maybe, thanks to the realities of time, you have to take shortcuts. Perhaps you’re just going through the motions or one task because a self-purported expert said you should. Or maybe there’s a speedbump in your process that you absolutely loathe. You do it, begrudgingly, but you hate it.

Now choose one of those difficult things and give yourself 30 days to make that difficult task less difficult for you. Yes, a month. That’s probably enough time to address this single difficult concern and make you significantly more competent in that aspect of podcasting.

Remember: that one difficult thing we’re doing poorly probably has an outsized impact on the listener experience. While your biggest fans will always forgive you for some muddled-through steps, not everyone is in that camp. And if you want your show to grow, you should always be thinking about those who have yet to listen. If there’s a difficult step your doing poorly, that might be getting in their way.


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