Is A Top Placement In Spotify's Podcast Charts Worth The Price? [S3E112]


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Spotify has made their podcast ranking charts available via a public webpage. Spotify tells us that a show’s follower count and user play activity are used in determining which podcasts and episodes appear on their refreshed-every-24-hours charts. Which makes sense. Shows with big audiences that get a lot of recent plays are exactly who should be there.

Spotify is hoping (strongly suggesting might be more apt) you’ll spend considerable effort convincing as many people as you can to follow and listen to your show on Spotify.

I predict three quick actions to come on the heels of Spotify’s announcement.

  1. Show ALL the charts! - I expect more (most? all?) apps, services, and directories to publicly display their own top rankings of podcasts built from usage stats from their platforms. Because why not?
  2. Chart-monitoring dashboards - Possibly before the day is out, someone will have found a way to scrape Spotify’s public page and add the data to the rank-monitoring dashboards for their clients.
  3. “I get you ranked on Spotify’s Top Podcast Charts” spam - Scammers who already have stacks of mobile phones with cheap data plans gaming Apple Podcasts’ charts will do the same for Spotify, gaming these quite-easily-gamed algorithms just to stroke the egos of podcasters who weren’t hugged enough as a child.

With absolutely no disrespect to the amazing shows that make the kind of content that attracts huge audiences necessary to legitimately gain a top ranking on these charts; these charts don’t mean much to the rest of us.

But if you’ve a marketing plan with several tens of thousands of dollars or more dedicated to promoting your podcast, then you should absolutely get in touch with Spotify and share that plan with them. They’d love to help you with very specific actions on how you should spend your several tens of thousands of dollars to promote your show with some Spotify co-branding.


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