Drug Simulations with Bryan Vicknair and Jason Walsh


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Drug trials can lead to new therapeutics and preventative medications being discovered and placed on the market. Unfortunately, these drug trials typically require animal testing. This means animals are killed or harmed as a result of needing to verify that a drug will not kill humans.

Animal testing is unavoidable, but the extent to which testing needs to occur can be reduced by inserting machine learning models which simulate the effects of a drug on the human body. If the simulated effect is negative enough, animal testing doesn’t need to be run, thus no animals need to be harmed.

Bryan Vicknair and Jason Walsh work at VeriSIM Life, a company which makes software simulations of animals. These simulations can be used to model drug testing, and change the workflow for drug trials. They join the show to talk through the mechanics of drug testing, and how VeriSIM Life fits into that workflow.

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