Fitz Koehler and Her Noisy Cancer Comeback


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This week, I sit down with Fitz Koehler of The Fitzness Show, and author of the book My Noisy Cancer Comeback.

On her podcast, Fitz talks about the smart, crazy, effective and fun stuff in fitness. Fitz is also an author and TV personality, and has an incredible story to share about her breast cancer diagnosis and subsequent journey, which we talk about in this episode.

Topics up for discussion this week include:

  • why it's important that her podcast is a fun endeavour
  • why she only puts out episodes when she has something to say
  • why she doesn't get starstruck when working with celebrities
  • how male celebrities can often be under more pressure than female celebrities to look a certain way
  • why doing something that won't hurt you is key
  • how she came to discuss getting a husband with her teenage daughter
  • how she's trying to share some of her mom's teachings with her daughter, while still respecting space and room to grow
  • why she isn't afraid to drop the angry mom card on her son if needed
  • why she started the Morning Mile fitness program for kids around the world
  • why her diagnosis with breast cancer was not going to deter her from continuing the way she lived her life
  • how she wasn't expecting the sheer amount of chemotherapy and toxic treatment she underwent
  • why being loud about her cancer and treatment gave Fitz her formula to survive
  • why she took the raw and honest approach when it came to her book about her cancer journey
  • why she has big plans for her podcast and other programs in 2021
  • why Chris Hemsworth would be a dream fitness client

Settle back for a fun, engaging, moving, and uplifting chat about motivation and finding your formula to survive.

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